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Woke up this morning at 6 am. It was snowing, but not much. Checked the net, schools closed so I didn't have to go in for training. Went back to bed (still sick) and got up at 10. There was about 9 inches of snow outside! I have never seen that much snow outside of a mountain before. Definitely the most snow I have seen at one time since moving to Kansas. I went out and shoveled for about an hour at noon. It sucked but had to be done. I then came in and ate some chicken noodle soup. For dinner I had tomato soup, apples and carrots. Had more ice cream for dessert. Looked outside and it started snowing again. So will have to go out and shovel again a bit before I go anymore tomorrow (if I bother, training is cancelled again so I have no where that I have to go and can actually relax and get better. Will hopefully happen soon, I am sick of being sick!
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