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So yea that's life for you. One minute you are cruising along, working a job that pays really well but you hate and then two years later you have moved on through three other jobs, each of which fired/laid you off for a multitude of different reasons, you start going to school (again) and you finally land a job that you think you might be able to keep for longer than 6 months. Ugh. So yeah here's the latest, in bullet points...

- Working at Integrated Behavioral Technologies, providing in home services for autistic and other children that suffer from pervasive developmental disorders. It will look damn good on a resume if I can keep it and not fuck it up like the last 3 jobs.

-Living in Topeka with a roomate. Situation with husband remains the same though now I am restricted to only seeing him twice a month. Sucks but marriage remains as strong as ever. So yeah, that's good.

-Going to school for my second masters, this time in Social Work. Thinking about my PhD. Not sure in what though.

-Medical shit. Yea, suffering from parasthesis in hands and feet. Balance issues, short term memory problems and muscle spasms. The nerve pain is mostly controlled with medication, seen a neurologist and so far have no idea what is causing it. Also started having skin problems end part of last year, breaking out in hives and pustules on arms and legs. It sucks, they take forever to heal and make me VERY self conscious about showing people my arms and legs. And I am a skin picker. Seeing a therapist to work on that.

-Got back into karate, had to step out for a few months while I worked with the wound care doctors to control my skin condition, ballooned up to 180 lbs and now dieting and exercising and down to about 165. Goal is to get back to 140. So yea, fat and don't like it.

-My stepfather was diagnosed with cancer in July and passed away Labor Day weekend while I was at Dragon Con volunteering and working with agent Julie Caitlin-Brown. Julie, all the other volunteers, the fans, and the actors/actresses were SO nice and supportive that weekend, I wouldn't have made it through and been able to be there for my mother without them. I will go and work for Julie any day now, she has my unwavering support. She can be crazy at times but we all can be trying at times, we are, after all, imperfect beings. My mother now lives alone for the first time ever, in the middle of the country. So I worry about her a lot, call her a lot, really wish I could be there for her.

-Current obsession = Game of Thrones. OMG love the books, love the series, even bought the computer game.

-Last thing, I recently had to put my 15 year old Siamese cat to sleep after she was diagnosed with renal failure. It was coming, her kidneys had been going bad for about a year. It was still incredibly hard, she was my baby and nothing can ever replace her. She will forever be in my heart.

So that's my life in a nutshell. I hope to find my old friends from Live Journal here on Dreamwidth and actually work a little bit harder on keeping my shit updated, LOL.
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