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It seems that the closer I get to holiday the more likely I am to forget to post. At any rate things have been pretty quiet lately, had another snow day yesterday and didn't do diddly squat with my day. I did go to the dojo and get a workout in before I leave. Today I spent the whole day at practicum, with the exception of my 8 am psychopharm hurt my brain class. Went to Buffalo Wild Wings for a fundraiser for my student social work group and had a very healthy salad and mango lemonade (nummy!). Don't know if I will be able to regularly post once I am at ECCC, depends on how gosh darn tired and pooped I am at the end of the day. Since I am not really sure what the heck I am going to be doing at the con, I have no idea how busy I will be or anything. We shall see.
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