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Blegh. I hate being sick. Sore throat, cough and expelling phlegm with every couple of coughs was not how I viewed my week as going. Any rate, today the diet only had one hiccup. I didn't eat breakfast, I nursed a cup of tea while I suffered through my 8 am qualitative research class. I decided to skip my afternoon class after seeing my afternoon professor in the hall and she point blank told me to go home and feel better and not infect my fellow classmates. I am sure they appreciate that. I had some carrots and apples for a lunch/snack and for dinner chicken noodle soup and for dessert I had rainbow sherbet. Felt so good on my sore throat though I know it's not in my diet. Hoping I feel better tomorrow as I have a full day of practicum and then have to head out to Council Grove (an hour away) for work as one of my kids that I work with has a wrestling meet.

Winter Storm Q is apparently passing through here Wednesday night. Right in time for me to have to drive to Kansas City, an hour away, for training that I need in order to be paid more at my job. And I do not have time to miss the day of training and go back and make it up later. And I need to be paid more in order to like live. Ugh. I hate driving in ice. Pray for me.


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