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It seems that the closer I get to holiday the more likely I am to forget to post. At any rate things have been pretty quiet lately, had another snow day yesterday and didn't do diddly squat with my day. I did go to the dojo and get a workout in before I leave. Today I spent the whole day at practicum, with the exception of my 8 am psychopharm hurt my brain class. Went to Buffalo Wild Wings for a fundraiser for my student social work group and had a very healthy salad and mango lemonade (nummy!). Don't know if I will be able to regularly post once I am at ECCC, depends on how gosh darn tired and pooped I am at the end of the day. Since I am not really sure what the heck I am going to be doing at the con, I have no idea how busy I will be or anything. We shall see.
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And tomorrow it looks like snow!! At least not as much as last time but still forecasted to get anywhere between 4 and 6 inches. Oh joy. Work was cancelled for today (sucky, I need the money) but good potential news on the new roommate front. Had a girl come look at the place today and have a gentleman coming over tomorrow to check it out so fingers crossed! Yesterday diet wise I didn't eat much, just wasn't feeling hungry, probably from not doing much. I ate some more chicken noodle soup with saltines for dinner and baby carrots and apple slices for lunch along with a handful of pretzels. Duplicate that for lunch today between classes along with a bag of fritos and a poptart for breakfast. I had a Lean cuisine cheese pizza for dinner and some sherbert for dessert. Here's hoping we don't get much snow.
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Myself and my fellow Kansans have spent the past few days digging ourselves out of a foot of snow and now Monday, there is more snow coming. Good times. Forgot to post yesterday, back was killing me from shoveling on Thursday and it's only slightly better today. Ate a spinach salad yesterday and had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. Screwed my diet today by eating Arbys. I really wanted fast food and was frustrated over not being able to work on my critique for research, my brain felt like it was working through sludge and I just could not think straight, everything I wrote seemed ill formed and worthy of an F grade. Ugh. I hate when I can't think. At any rate I might have more time than I think to work on my assignment, with more snow coming I might not have school on Monday, LOL!
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Woke up this morning at 6 am. It was snowing, but not much. Checked the net, schools closed so I didn't have to go in for training. Went back to bed (still sick) and got up at 10. There was about 9 inches of snow outside! I have never seen that much snow outside of a mountain before. Definitely the most snow I have seen at one time since moving to Kansas. I went out and shoveled for about an hour at noon. It sucked but had to be done. I then came in and ate some chicken noodle soup. For dinner I had tomato soup, apples and carrots. Had more ice cream for dessert. Looked outside and it started snowing again. So will have to go out and shovel again a bit before I go anymore tomorrow (if I bother, training is cancelled again so I have no where that I have to go and can actually relax and get better. Will hopefully happen soon, I am sick of being sick!
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Still sick. Lost my voice now. Made it to my 8 am psychopharmacology class and even went to practicum for about an hour. Was talked into going home by my field supervisor who didn't want me spreading my plague around the office. Had a turkey sandwich for lunch, my requisite one Mountain Dew and spent the rest of the afternoon sacked out on the couch. Got up and ate tomato soup, salad and some more ice cream for dinner. So kept pretty close to my diet today. Helps that I don't have much of an appetite and I get full really quickly.

Went to the grocery store, it was crazy, jam packed with folks getting ready for Snowpacolypse 2013. Winter Storm Q better snow as much as everyone says, my training will be cancelled if schools are closed. They already have closed all the schools except for the ones in the metro area. Hopefully they will announce that they are closed before I head to bed tonight, I don't want to have to break up my beauty sleep just to drag myself out of bed long enough to see if schools at closed tomorrow. *fingers crossed*
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Didn't go to practicum today, my cold made it very difficult to breathe/talk this morning. So I stayed home until I had to drive to Council Grove for work. Fun times. Food today was pretty small, didn't really have an appetite. I didn't have breakfast, I ate some carrots and apples for lunch and chicken noodle soup. For dinner I had a Lean Cuisine dinner it was chicken and rice in a red lime chili sauce. Had some more ice cream for dessert, still have a bit of a sore throat, but not as bad as yesterday. Here's hoping Winter Storm Q shuts down the schools in KCK so I don't have to go to training on Thursday!
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Blegh. I hate being sick. Sore throat, cough and expelling phlegm with every couple of coughs was not how I viewed my week as going. Any rate, today the diet only had one hiccup. I didn't eat breakfast, I nursed a cup of tea while I suffered through my 8 am qualitative research class. I decided to skip my afternoon class after seeing my afternoon professor in the hall and she point blank told me to go home and feel better and not infect my fellow classmates. I am sure they appreciate that. I had some carrots and apples for a lunch/snack and for dinner chicken noodle soup and for dessert I had rainbow sherbet. Felt so good on my sore throat though I know it's not in my diet. Hoping I feel better tomorrow as I have a full day of practicum and then have to head out to Council Grove (an hour away) for work as one of my kids that I work with has a wrestling meet.

Winter Storm Q is apparently passing through here Wednesday night. Right in time for me to have to drive to Kansas City, an hour away, for training that I need in order to be paid more at my job. And I do not have time to miss the day of training and go back and make it up later. And I need to be paid more in order to like live. Ugh. I hate driving in ice. Pray for me.

Diet day 5

Feb. 17th, 2013 07:26 pm
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Ugh. Woke up this morning with a sore throat, cough and producing green colored sputum. Yay. So the diet today has been pretty easy, I haven't felt like eating much of anything. I had strawberry pop tarts this morning for breakfast, nursed a Mountain Dew throughout most of the day and ate celery with peanut butter and apple slices and water for dinner. I also snacked on some chex mix and ate a granola bar. Hopefully I will better tomorrow, I can't afford to be sick, miss any work, school, training or practicum.
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Got home late last night from work and was exhausted so I didn't post. Today's entry is on yesterday and today.

Yesterday was a bust food wise. It started out good, I hate a muffin called Morning Glory that had carrots, raisins and apples in it along with a bottle of water for breakfast. Lunch was the same as Thursday, Einstein Brothers whole wheat bagel with turkey, lettuce, tomato, spicy mustard and mayonnaise along with a small cup of potato salad and a medium Mr. Pibb. Dinner was a bust though and ruined the whole day as the family I work with went to Pizza Hut for dinner. I had a small salad with Italian dressing and two slices of cheese pizza with a Mountain Dew. The extra soda was needed to have enough energy to work with my kids at the YMCA and go swimming 10.

Today was much better. Got up and sweated my way through a morning workout at the dojo. Came home and ate a light lunch of apple slices, celery with peanut butter and water. Dinner was a spinach salad with tomatoes, feta cheese and balsamic vinagerette dressing. I went grocery shopping and successfully resisted the urge to buy my soda. I had one Mountain Dew today which is remarkable considering how much homework I had to do and that I am still very tired from my long day. Tomorrow is Sunday and I still have a little bit of homework and some housework to do but hopefully will get in some relaxation time.

Diet Day 2

Feb. 14th, 2013 09:23 pm
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Due to having to be an hours drive away at a god awful early time this morning and knowing I would have a 2 and 1/2 hour drive after I got done with training at 4 in the afternoon followed by a late evening working meant I did not get up and run this morning and won't get up and run tomorrow either. I swear I will Saturday...maybe. *sigh*

Diet going okay. Today I hate 1 Krispy Kreme doughnut because the trainers bought doughnuts for V-day (which I LOATHE) but I washed it down with a bottle of water so sorta healthy. For lunch I went to Einsteins Brothers and had a turkey sandwich on a whole wheat bagel with lettuce, tomato, spicy mustard and mayonnaise with a small cup of potato salad and a Mr. Pibb. For dinner I had to eat on the run so I really didn't have dinner. I ate a snack of carrots, sliced apples, a cheese slice and unsalted almonds washed down with a Mountain Dew (I needed the caffeine to stay awake till I got home). I was gone from 7 am till 8:30 pm. LONG DAY. Tomorrow will be another long day, training from 830 to 400 pm and then work from 5 to about 10 I wager. Ugh. I can't wait for the weekend.
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So yea...I need to go on a diet. And since I have tried it and can't seem to stay on it by myself I have decided that in order to hold myself accountable and ask for help with dieting, I am going to blog daily on my eating habits and exercising.

I have never dieted before, I have never had a reason to. But over last summer I gained 45 pounds in 3 months. I was able to drop 20 of it in the fall last year but I have hit a wall so to speak on the losing weight front. I am not at 165 and really want to get back down to 140. So I need to lose another 25 pounds and keep it off. So I know that means seriously rearranging the way I eat and exercise. I need to get my lazy ass out of bed in the morning and go running. And I HATE HATE HATE running. But working out at my dojo is to hit or miss with my current crazy schedule. The only thing I can rely on is that I can make time in the morning to go run. And I will start tomorrow morning. I have no idea how far I will be running but I figured I will start with 30 minutes and go from there.

As far as the diet goes, I am going to cut out any liquids but water and one soda a day. Only because right now I can't handle the headaches that go with cutting out caffeine, I have too many migraines that happen on a regular basis to begin with. But I can cut it down to one a day and change to diet soda. I will also cut out all junk food and fast food. Any other suggestions?? I know that eating more salads, vegetables and fruit is good but other than that I am not really up on all the things I should cut out to increase my chances of losing weight.

I will also being going to Seattle at the end of this month to volunteer for Emerald City Comic Con and will be staying at my sisters. The hard part will be not using my vacation as an excuse to stop blogging, running or dieting. There is no reason why I can't run, my sister lives in a safe, suburban neighborhood. And I will have to chance to hit up a grocery store for healthy snacks and food to eat at the convention. So any thoughts on ways to avoid slacking would be helpful too.
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So yea still not updating as much as I would like but things like finals and work get into the way. I have 6 papers to write between now and 2 weeks from now. I have 1 done and 5 more left to go. The hardest one will be my spirituality one. I have to write about my personal cosmology. I don't even know what that means. So yeah need to figure out what that means in conjunction with spirituality and stuff.

Work is good. I love working with my kids. The family is great. Can't wait to start working with other families.

Doing a Farscape rewatch. Bought the whole box set a few months back for an awesome price at Barnes and Noble. It was tagged the wrong way, I believe I got it for like $40. It was an awesome deal and one I couldn't pass up. Now I just need to get the Peacekeeper Wars and I will be all set.

Also watching Mankind: The story of All of us on the History Channel. Fairly interesting so far. Definitely in the same vein as The Men Who Built America. That was an awesome and eye opening series.

Recently saw Lincoln in the theaters. Great movie, awesome pacing and definitely should be up for some awards or something. Need to see the last of the Twilight movies. That may have to wait until it comes out on DVD due to not having anyone to go with and lacking time right now to go to the movies.

Health wise I am still enduring the nerve pain in my hands. Have a followup in Dec with the neuro doc. Maybe he will have some more ideas on what is wrong with me. Still having skin issues. Going to hit up a different dermatologist and see if that person has any ideas as to what is wrong with me. It's not allergies sadly, that would be to easy. My roomate is all gung ho to move my bedroom downstairs on the hardwood floors and away from the attic and the carpeted upstairs. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't, I am down to try anything.

So yeah that's my life right now. Work, school, homework, doctors, rinse and repeat.

TV watching

Nov. 5th, 2012 09:49 pm
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So here is whats currently recording on my DVR. Some of these shows are on hiatus currently, the ones with asterisks * are currently airing. Ones that are capitalized are counted among my currently airing favorites.

True Blood
Burn Notice (comes back this week!!)
Falling Skies
Game of Thrones
All-American Muslim
Hell on Wheels
Being Human (the awesome BBC version)
The Borgias
Breakout Kings
Saving Hope
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So yea that's life for you. One minute you are cruising along, working a job that pays really well but you hate and then two years later you have moved on through three other jobs, each of which fired/laid you off for a multitude of different reasons, you start going to school (again) and you finally land a job that you think you might be able to keep for longer than 6 months. Ugh. So yeah here's the latest, in bullet points...

- Working at Integrated Behavioral Technologies, providing in home services for autistic and other children that suffer from pervasive developmental disorders. It will look damn good on a resume if I can keep it and not fuck it up like the last 3 jobs.

-Living in Topeka with a roomate. Situation with husband remains the same though now I am restricted to only seeing him twice a month. Sucks but marriage remains as strong as ever. So yeah, that's good.

-Going to school for my second masters, this time in Social Work. Thinking about my PhD. Not sure in what though.

-Medical shit. Yea, suffering from parasthesis in hands and feet. Balance issues, short term memory problems and muscle spasms. The nerve pain is mostly controlled with medication, seen a neurologist and so far have no idea what is causing it. Also started having skin problems end part of last year, breaking out in hives and pustules on arms and legs. It sucks, they take forever to heal and make me VERY self conscious about showing people my arms and legs. And I am a skin picker. Seeing a therapist to work on that.

-Got back into karate, had to step out for a few months while I worked with the wound care doctors to control my skin condition, ballooned up to 180 lbs and now dieting and exercising and down to about 165. Goal is to get back to 140. So yea, fat and don't like it.

-My stepfather was diagnosed with cancer in July and passed away Labor Day weekend while I was at Dragon Con volunteering and working with agent Julie Caitlin-Brown. Julie, all the other volunteers, the fans, and the actors/actresses were SO nice and supportive that weekend, I wouldn't have made it through and been able to be there for my mother without them. I will go and work for Julie any day now, she has my unwavering support. She can be crazy at times but we all can be trying at times, we are, after all, imperfect beings. My mother now lives alone for the first time ever, in the middle of the country. So I worry about her a lot, call her a lot, really wish I could be there for her.

-Current obsession = Game of Thrones. OMG love the books, love the series, even bought the computer game.

-Last thing, I recently had to put my 15 year old Siamese cat to sleep after she was diagnosed with renal failure. It was coming, her kidneys had been going bad for about a year. It was still incredibly hard, she was my baby and nothing can ever replace her. She will forever be in my heart.

So that's my life in a nutshell. I hope to find my old friends from Live Journal here on Dreamwidth and actually work a little bit harder on keeping my shit updated, LOL.
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